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[Locked to the nation of the comm- About America/Belarus mini virus] A excuse to drink like bastards
On top of the world

Ey people, the loverbirds need a bachelor party so I picking you all up to have one..

Spain we are crashing at your place, theres no way I'm doing this in mine and the weather is nicer there.

[ooc: drunk!post gets~ comment complaining or Feel free to assume that you got worldhopped to Spain's place and threadjack,  RL/actio spam as mcuh as you want]

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[h-he's still tied to the chair, he just managed to scoot to the living room to turn on the television]

Great! While we're at it, someone can come untie me!

I will come to find you America. [He smiles. is not nice. He never said that he will untie you. In fact, he is dragging you next to Belarus once we get there.]

[o-oh dear. he tries to ignore that smile]

T-thanks, Prussia!

AWESOME! I will come to pick you up.

Yay, I can't wait! This'll be fun!

[she is... very drunk. someone else probably got her drunk, feel free to take credit for it, but POINT REMAINS she is smashed and a sleepy drunk.]

[Prussia is dragging an -still tied up- America next to you.]

[Spain meant to do this early but it looks like he is late and Belarus is mostly drunk. Too bad, he still wants to give her the small box with the present he is holding.

(Deleted comment)
MATTHIEEEEE~ [He is probably the only one that ever noticed him at first glance.]

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(Deleted comment)
This is ridiculous.


If by ridiculous you mean, TOTAL AWESOME, then ja, it is.

[He is going to be dragged here, even if he doesn't want XD]

[Not that Germany doesn't want to partake in the drinking, but] Is America really okay with this?

WEST! Good to see your older self.

Who cares? I will pick you up.

Edited at 2010-04-26 01:31 pm (UTC)

So people keep saying. I don't remember being anything else than my older self, though.

B-but. Well. Alright. I haven't been out drinking in a while now...

I'm not so sure about that.

It's just that, well, shouldn't people have some sort of a say in who they're marrying?

(Deleted comment)
I don't know that 'happy' is quite the word that I would use...

(Deleted comment)

Oh well, a party's a party.

And that will be great, it's a wedding, America and Belarus wedding!

I know it's a wedding, do you think I missed the whole ordeal somehow?

...still. I'm not sure about this.

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