You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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Chicks love me~
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"Guten Tag, sorry I'm not here right now. I'm so disappointed to be missing your grouching and complaining about why we have invaded you or crushes your vital regons, even if it was the most interesting thing ever hapened to you in a century.

To speak to somebody who has it so much harder than you, write a letter. To speak to God to repent for referring to me as the B word last time we spoke, bark like a dog, spin in a circle and throw yourself to the river. To speak to the Devil who will soon be welcoming you home, wait until I get there.

Thank you and have an awesome day."

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[voicemail incoming~]

So, Prussia... about that trip to Rose to get some dragon scales for you. Let me know when you've got time, alright? I'm all set.

[it turns into a letter for Gilbird to deliver to his master :>]

All set? What did you do, Blondie, get yourself in more trouble?

The next week I'm not busy.

[that is a terribly cute way to go about it. :>]

Me, get into trouble? Wouldn't dream of it.

Alright, next week it is.

[It is :3 Gilbird likes to be useful]

Of course not, that never happens. Silly me.

One day will be enough to do it. How are we sneaking our way into the dreaming?

[But most of the time he's just cute.]

I have my world-hopping device, so that shouldn't be a problem. Have you visited her before or do you know where to find her and her dragon?

Perfect then. I now how her place looks like thanks to the last virus. It's Dream's castle. And we need candies.

Alright, I can find that place. And candy shouldn't be a problem.

When do we move in?

I will take care of the candy, at least I can do that.

What about Wednesday?

[ooc:I pm'd Rose mun~]

Mr. Gilbert, I have something to ask you, that I wish you to answer properly!

[The comments turns into a letter for Gilbird to deliver to his master.]

Ja? What is it, darling?

[ that is so cute ]

How do you truthfully feel about Miss Kirijo?

[:3 ♥ 1748 people didn't had email >.>]

That's rather of a personal and inappropriate question, Mileina.
And It doesn't matter, she's always too busy to notice when something is wrong, that or she really doesn't care.

[That last part is scratched and unintelligible, but it was about Mello's death and Prussia's reaction to it.]

Yes, it is. I'm very sorry for being so blunt.

I would still very much like an answer, Mr. Gilbert...

Well, that's a bit of a secret, but you've been so sad lately that I thought I would try to cheer you up!


How are yoooou doing?

I'm a bit bored.


Just checking yuo werent turned into a gilr again or somethign.

Nein, id didn't.

Wanna do something????

What do you wanna do?

Do yuo still have my bra?

We shoudl go drink. ro sing...or .horse racing!

didn't i give ti back?

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