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No fear no doubts - Hurry up

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Loud bastard should be quiet if wishes to keep tongue.


[he's looking for the other nation around the house and still yelling.]

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[Prussia, guess who keeps knives in her 1940's pyjamas and is now holding one up to your throat.


Bastard will stay quiet, Да?

[Yes, she's still there, in fact she was just in the bathroom. Rounding the corner now.]

Good morning, Belarus.

And Gilbert, you really shouldn't yell that much, I can hear you fine.

[Pauses, knife still up against Prussia's throat. She's kind of got a bit of respect for Hungary.]

... Здравствуйте, Венгрыя. [A simple "Hello, Hungary", even while she's standing here about to stab Prussia, a-yup.]

Bela, you shouldn't play with sharp things. [Gilbert replied in a calm voice, the barrel of his gun nudging Belarus's stomach. He never goes anywhere unarmed.] Someone might get hurt. [He rise his chin up and moved away from her, slowly just in case.] Russia is in the shower, go bother him.

[Prussia doesn't wait for a reply, he grabs Hungary's hand with his free one and drag her out of the room, they need to talk in private.]

[Hungary lets herself be dragged along, hoping that Belarus won't put that knife to use in some shape or form. Once in the next room, she tears her hand from his grasp.]


[No worries, Prussia will shoot at her if she tries something. A door never stopped Belarus though, they better change rooms often.]

Well Hungaryyyy~[He sounds excited.] As you noticed Belarus is here and so it's her brother. [He grins more] Russia and Belarus. Here....Italy's wing of the house woudl make a nice chapel.

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[They'll just keep walking, in that case. And she's starting to be in a somewhat better mood, a grin tugging at the edge of her mouth.]

You're right about that... but really I don't think you want to go near either of them any time soon.

[Walking is good, the house is gigantic after all. If good moods mean no pan to his head or knives to his throat he's more than happy with that.]

I don't have to, I only need a priest and the two brothers locked up in a room with him. Belarus will do the rest.

[sarcastically] I'm not sure, right now she just seems to want to kill you.

So, who do you have in mind for a priest?

Ah, shut up. As soon as she's near Russia she will forget about the rest of the world.

No idea yet. Maybe we can look around this world.

Hmm, we could. But what do you suppose we should do, just ask everyone we run into? I mean, this place is as crazy as the whole community.

I saw a Church, we can go there and ask. [He means Haruto's church :>]

Sounds like a plan, at least Belarus won't be lurking there.

We need to find a wedding dress to and a tuxedo. A large one.

Oooh we'll think of something. Tuxedos or suits are easier to find than a wedding dress. We should split up to look.

Good idea. [They're already in Italy's apart of the house, the door is near.] You go for the wedding dress and I will look for the tuxedos.

[She nods.] Alright. I'll see you here later.

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