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I got a internet dog.......what.

[Locked to Mello]

Blondie, did you looked under your bed recently?

[/Locked to Mello]

[Ref. here]

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Yeah, I did.


Just making sure any of Naoto's mutts eat it.


They wouldn't, anyway.

Good to know. Bored of that world already?

Not yet. Why?

Dunno, you can visit me if you are.

I still might, even if I live here for a bit longer. After all, someone will need to teach me how to weild that sword properly, right? Wouldn't do if it just sat around.

Someone should ja, a little bit more of practice is always good. Who knows when Someone might try to invade you.

Or sneak into my room and leave stuff there. Given that you have a couple centuries worth of experience, you should be able to teach me something.

it takes a lot of skill to do that, you're not ready for it. Peeeerhaps a few things.

Edited at 2010-04-13 12:11 am (UTC)

Yeah, right.

A few things, huh. Are you done with your war?


Ja, a few things. Mostly, but not yet. France is busy with the siege of Maastricht now.

Do you have anything to do with that siege or does that leave you with time to spare?

I have time for you. What is it?

Why are you complaining...? It's kinda goofy-cute.

Prusia Vrs technology :/

I don't need cute things...even if..ja..he is kind of cute..I shoudl name him...

What I do with him? Does it eat internet food too or what?

Do it. I know you wanna.

No, he just sits there and looks like a cuteass dog. You can't argue with can you? Stop complaining and say thank you.


That's not very useful. Danke. There, happy?

Hey man say thank you to the masses. I don't hand out puppies!

So. what did you name it? [he's smirking so hard just so you know]

I don't know what are your weird hobbies, you have a lot, maybe you did.

It's not named yet. How do I know if it's a girl or a boy?

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